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Make Padel a daily habit!

Born in Acapulco, raised in Spain and now coming more and more to Germany. We try to integrate the “new” sport in our sports culture as quick as possible.

Bringing people together on the court as easy as possible is one of our main goals.

Building a community around the sport and transporting the spirit of Padel are our key factors to grow the sport.

Padel City is on it´s way to become a full service provider in Padel. Everything you need to play, you´ll find here. Courts, rackets, gear, partners, events, competition, training, you name it.

Be part of the Padel City Family. Be part of a new movement in sports.

Our Mission

How we do it? Together!!

Keep it simple as that. Cheering each other up, joyfully, entertaining, inviting, socially and challenging.

Everybody’s Welcome. We don´t care if you are a beginner or already a semi pro. We´d love to see you on and off court at one of our venues.

For giving you that opportunity we follow our Talk less, act more-mission:

Building more courts, fostering a strong community, and creating more competitive opportunities for the players and playerettes.

Bringing the sport closer to the people (do you know padel) and and the people closer to the sport. (building courts nearby). Got it?

Bringing the sport closer to the people by promoting it through media.

Encouraging diversity and inclusivity by meeting one of our core values: sportsmanship.

As soon as possible: For offering Padel in every big city we want to embody the fastpace aspect for the game not only on the court but also outside the glass-cage. Let’s go.

bringing words to action


Jonathan Sierck

Multiple founder in the EdTech & event sector, book author and podcast host

Dr. Marcus Englert

Chairman of the supervisory board Rocket Internet AG and serial investor

Dr. Sebastian Weil

Media manager, serial entrepreneur and founder of various start-ups


Dr. Markus Balzat


Astrid Nindl

Founders Associate

Christoph Hanke

Head of Sports & Community

Daniel Maus


Mike Hilbig

Head of Operations

Harry Payrleitner

PadelCity Academy & Facility-Management

Marcel Hagmann

Head of Brand

Vanessa Sengl

Social Media Manager

Banu Cakirelli

Social Media Manager

Aaron Lauinger

Head of Construction & Clubmanager PadelCity Leipzig

Esther de Moll

Senior Operations Manager

Antonia Wisgickl

PadelCity TV

Ari Kryeziu

Clubmanager PadelCity Ingolstadt

Steffen Wohlfarth

Clubmanager PadelCity Dortmund

Alvaro Bastarreche

Headcoach PadelCity Leipzig

Heiko Olbrisch

Headcoach PadelCity Dortmund

Become a team member

Our privilege is to help establish a beautiful sport in our environment and bring people together with joy.

Can you feel it? To spread the sport, we need support and humble hustlers.

We want your energy and expertise on board! How do you want to add value to our mission?
Let us know right here.


The sun was blinding, the net was too high or do you have some advice for a better future?
Thank you for sharing your opinion and help us to improve.

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