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Playing 24/7 would be our dream. But recovery time is important for the quality of the next game.
So these are the time we can play.

6 am – 12 am

9 am – 12 am

Pay and play. Let’s keep it simple. Here you find the prices for your spot and timeslot (duration 60 minutes).

Until 4 pm 36 €
From 4 pm 42 €

All day 42 €

You can cancel via Playtomic up to 24 hours before your playing time. If you fail to meet the deadline, you will be charged in full.

Part of the game, without it wouldn’t be the same. We take care of the youngsters as well as the adults. You can rent or buy. From the entry-level model to the professional racket. Are you more bum-bum or more balance?
Find out and try before you buy. You can buy balls at our vending machine.
Happy times also off-court. After the game, overtime. The after-match beer is included, as is the energy drink between games. Our vending machine fulfills your wishes.
PadelCity München
Pelkovenstr. 148
80992 München

Ari Kryeziu
+49 172 / 604 417 2

Match making

Our WhatsApp group connects the players and playerettes in your city. Find new friends, teammates and opponents and be part of the PadelCity community!